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    Are you sick and tired of computer problems? We SOLVE them for one LOW monthly price!


    And guarantee a 1 hour response time & 60-day money back, no questions asked, guarantee!

Eliminate Your Frustration

Let us resolve your technology issues quickly and help you plan for the future within your budget.

Get your problems resolved quickly

Have you ever struggled to get someone to respond when there is a problem? You’re waiting hours most times for a call back. We understand how frustrating it can be! That’s why we guarantee a 1 hour first response to support requests. We’re so committed that over 80% of support requests get a first response in under 15 minutes!

Spend your time on more important things

Your work is too important for you to be spending time dealing with computer problems. To be at your most productive and profitable, give those to us to handle. We’ll make sure that your systems run well and any problems are dealt with quickly.

Achieve your goals

Have time to achieve your goals with computer problems no longer being something you have to worry about. You won’t worry about interruptions from staff telling you that there is a computer issue. You’ll have the time needed to focus on your goals.

Stay protected from evolving threats

Hackers are targeting businesses like yours more than ever because you’re an easy target. You don’t have the budget for a full time IT security staff. But we can level the playing field and keep you protected. Our expert team keeps up with the latest threats and consistently works to improve your security. Making sure you don’t suffer an attack or a breach is our goal.

"Every time we have contacted Parkway Tech for a concern, issue or hiccup, they have been nothing short of immediate to respond, resolve then follow up to be sure all issues our are resolved. They provide an invaluable service."
Christi BarbourBarbour Spangle Design
"When we have a problem, they respond fast. We stay down an hour at the most, and we haven't had that with other IT companies. If you have an office where you need computers to run, this is the way to go."
Mike LevineLevine Law Group
"After going through a series of IT providers we were in desperate need of help. We recently moved our office and without Parkway's assistance it could have been a disaster. It went off without a hitch."
Frank FordeEvolve Companies
Make Sure Your Company Is Protected
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Don't Suffer Another Day

End your technology frustrations and the losses they cause your business.

Technology problems lower morale

Employees hate dealing with technology issues. This probably isn’t a newsflash for you since you get multiple emails every day with complaints about something not working. Let us give your employee morale a major boost by eliminating the technology issues at your company.

Lost productivity = lost profit

The cost of a repair may be the only thing you consider, but it shouldn’t be. Repair costs are just the start. The time your employees spend sitting idle while they wait for a repair is much more expensive. The days of being able to do other work without the computer are gone. We will give you that time back by eliminating many problems and quickly responding to those rare ones that do happen.

Imagine not getting complaints about your computers

You see many emails each week letting you know that there is yet another computer issue. Imagine if those disappeared, and they were replaced by emails letting you know how happy employees were with their computers! That’s what we do for our clients and can do for your company.

Are you confident in your backups?

You’ve got backups running daily and may even be swapping hard drives to ensure that you always have a copy stored offsite. But do you know these backups work? Far too many companies find out their backups don’t work when they have to get the information back. Our advanced backup solution keeps your data secure, and we test your backups each week to ensure that your data can always be restored.

Recommendations that fit your budget

There are enough “solutions” out there to make your head spin. But we take into account your needs AND your budget. You get recommendations tailored to your business, not those that only suit large organizations.

"I truly would not hesitate to recommend Parkway. We have never had fewer problems. We’ve had a very limited number of problems that required on-site visits, but when we needed Parkway, it was there. We’ve never had a bad experience with Parkway and I anticipate a continued relationship."
Sally PridgenMcElwee Firm
"Parkway Tech is very Trust worthy. I depend on them very much. They rank very high with me. I can always count of Parkway Tech to do what they say they will do. I sometimes have the smallest of problems or just a question, they treat the smallest problems as they would the bigger problems."
Pat RingChildren's Choice
"I just wanted to let you know that I and everyone at ABC of NC who has worked with your staff has been incredibly impressed with your provision of services. I can honestly say that in the history of ABC of NC, your vendor services have been the highest customer service level we have ever experienced."
Selene JohnsonABC of NC
Make Sure Your Company Is Protected
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Your Technology Working to Help Your Company

Imagine being able to actually get the benefits out of your technology.

Share & collaborate better

Sharing information can seem like an enormous challenge. But keeping everyone in the loop doesn’t mean filling everyone’s inbox with a flurry of emails. We will show you how to easily collaborate and make information sharing easy, even on tablets and smartphones.

Keep confidential information actually confidential

Keeping confidential information away from unauthorized users doesn’t have to be complicated. We work with you to make sure that information is shared appropriately and unauthorized people can’t gain access to confidential information. You can have folders that only specific staff members have access to, and even set specific files to read only for some employees.

Work from where you need to

Being tied to a desk to get work done puts you at a disadvantage. Work from where you need to with the right remote solution. Work securely from home, a conference, or at a client’s. You can have access to your files, programs, and even print.

We keep computers running every day for the Liipfert Law Firm in Winston-Salem

“Our computer systems are our life blood,” said Liipfert Law partner Bailey Liipfert. “Being able to communicate with clients, being able to keep up with documents, being in touch with people, it’s just absolutely vital.”

“I was looking at ways of controlling the cost on IT, but not feeling like I was sacrificing the skill level. I liked what I was hearing and liked the prices I was hearing from Chris. They were significantly lower than some of the bigger contractors around. After signing up, what I liked was if I have a question, their response is almost immediate. If I run into a problem on something I’m drafting and I need help, there will be somebody that contacts me in minutes.”

“We had one of those nasty things that locks your network up [ransomware], and Parkway Tech was able to come in and deal with that and fix it with very little downtime for us. It just gives me confidence that, in an emergency, they’re just there and they’re quick as can be.”

“Of all the IT companies I’ve worked with, I’d say they’ve been the best as far as responsiveness is concerned. There’s less of the experimenting, and ‘When things don’t work, we’ll come in and fix it.’ They tend to get things right when they set up the first time.”

What's Included - Just $497/mo

You get all this with our service plans!


Helping your staff get the most out of the software they use everyday is an easy way to boost productivity. As part of your service plan, we provide over 70 courses and 1500 individual training videos on business and technology topics. Your employees can further their knowledge by going through online training for Microsoft Office, business fundamentals, marketing, and many more!

Data Breach Protection

Data breaches can cost small businesses like yours big. In fact, the majority of small businesses that suffer a data breach close within six months. We provide user education for your employees to help them unwittingly help the bad guys, and we provide your organization with insurance and notification services should a breach occur.

No Long Term Commitments

While some vendors lock you in with multi-year agreements, we believe we need to earn your business regularly. All of our agreements can be canceled with just 30 days written notice.

Regular Maintenance

No need to worry about update prompts! All the maintenance you need to be doing on a regular basis to your systems is automatically done for you.

Annual Reports

Make sure you know what equipment and software you have in place, when it was last updated, and when it needs to be replaced. We provide you with an annual report to help you with budgeting, upgrades, and management.

Advanced Backup Solution

Every hour we take a snapshot of your server and keep those stored for a week. We also backup your servers securely to our data center each night. Your files are kept safe and there is no cap on how much you can keep backed up.

Top-rated Malware Protection

Antivirus software alone is no longer enough. Our malware protection help keeps your employees safe when surfing the web, opening attachments, and downloading files. Our malware protection software is a PC Magazine Editors’ Choice!

Information Technology Policies

Making sure that your employees are informed of how they are to use the computers and systems you provide them is an essential part of properly managing your company. We provide you with several sample policies that you can integrate into your HR procedures. These will help protect your equipment and your company.

Proactive Recommendations

We don’t wait for problems to occur. We are continually evaluating your technology to make sure that you have the best value and best protection against new threats. When a change is needed, we will let you know.

Expert Advice

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is here to help guide you with any technology decision. If you’re considering making a major technology investment, we are here to help you make the wisest choice.

Peace of Mind

As you’ve read from our clients, you’ll be taken care of. We work to minimize any disruptions, and, when problems do occur, we are quick to respond.

A Guaranteed Fast Response

Waiting around for someone to get back with you is one of the worst things when you need help. We guarantee a first response of 1 hour to any problem. And over 80% of problems reported to us are responded to in under 15 minutes.

Unlimited Support

At your office or over the phone with our technicians helping your staff resolve a problem. You don’t have to worry about watching the clock while someone works to fix a computer problem.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t loving our service, just let us know and get your money back within the first 60 days. No complicated process to go through, and no questions asked. There is zero risk for you to work with us.

Eliminate Your Technology Problems!

Contact us, and let’s start making your life easy! Fill out the form below or call us at 336-310-9888.

"I realized that I don't have the time or the skill to monitor the computers and systems the way they needed to be. By having the systems monitored by Parkway, they will stay up to date, I don't have to worry about not being in compliance because they are keeping track of it and not me."
Laurie GriffisEd Martinez, DDS
"We have used other IT companies – one that was a single person and one larger company - prior to Parkway. In both cases the response was slow and we ended up paying a high hourly rate. Almost every problem we have had with our system was fixed remotely and in a matter of a few minutes."
Bill StanfieldCRL Suncare
"One of our concerns in choosing an IT provider was that they were large enough to be available when needed. The positive side of their smaller size is that the person who responds is already familiar with our system and our needs. We operate 24/7 and Parkway has been available whenever needed."
David AdamsHorizons Center

About Us

Founded in 2008, Parkway Tech started to help small businesses in the Piedmont Triad use technology to move their business forward. We work closely with our clients to help them make the most of their technology investments. By keeping their computers running well and helping them spot opportunities, we help them achieve their goals.

Technology doesn’t have to be a confusing burden. It can be a way for small businesses to make the most of their limited resources. No one else in the Triad helps small businesses better use technology on a budget than Parkway Tech. We demystify technology for our clients.

Parkway Tech works with clients in the Piedmont Triad across a variety of industries. Here is a sample:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profit
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Dental

Work with our experienced team to end the frustrations you have with your technology. We will make those headaches disappear, leaving you to focus on your important goals. We are your trusted technology partner.

Chris Michalec – Parkway Tech President

From an early age, I had a passion and intense interest in technology. Starting work for a computer repair company in Goldsboro, North Carolina when I was just 14, I developed the skills that enabled me to start Parkway Tech in 2008. My passion is taking the burden of technology off of small businesses in the Piedmont Triad. Seeing our clients able to focus on their goals and grow motivates me every day to provide the very best technology services.


I want to help your company do its best work, and taking away the hassle of handling technology problems is how my company does that. Whether you are looking to take “computer repair” off of your to do list or feel your existing technology company is no longer meeting your needs, find out what our team can do for you.

"We worked the same way for several years and when we really needed someone, we did not know who to call and who to trust. Trust was a big factor in our decision to go with your company. You explain things, you offer options, and you know the security."
Peggy Smith-JamesWinston Bone & Joint Associates
"Your processes and procedures are professional and efficient but don’t feel like we’re dealing with a government bureaucracy. I can rely on you to give us great service; I can rely on you to be watching our systems; I can rely on you for great tech advice."
Tessa LeftwichIsaacson Isaacson Sheridan Fountain & Leftwich
"Parkway has provided us with a personalized, fast and friendly technology service partnership. I have been able to rely on Parkway to manage my technology needs. I find Parkway Tech to be “right-sized” for my company."
Chris DaudelinCactx Surfaces


What is covered by your support?

We want to be able to respond to any problem your company may have with your technology. For that reason, we will handle the following problems:

  • Computer issues
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Server issues
  • Email issues
  • Network issues
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10
  • Adobe Reader & Acrobat
  • Slack
What are your hours?

We’re in the office Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. However, we know that computer problems don’t always observe business hours. Because of that we do have technicians on call 24×7 to respond to emergencies.

What is your service area?

We serve the Piedmont Triad area. This includes Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and the surrounding areas. Generally, we help companies in a 35 mile radius of Winston-Salem, though we occasionally go outside this area.

If I already have antivirus software and a firewall, aren’t I protected from hackers and viruses?

Unfortunately, no. Antivirus software is no longer enough. You need a solution that also blocks spyware and threats from websites.

And your firewall only blocks some threats. Unfortunately we find too many firewalls that are just setup with the default configuration, and that leaves your business still exposed.

The best security solution combines a complete anti-malware solution, a properly configured firewall, and training for your employees. Our plans include these things to make sure that your company is best protected from a variety of threats.

How does your backup system protect me?

With new threats like ransomware, having proper backups is essential for your continued operation. Our backup system does backups of your server(s) every hour and saves that to an external hard drive. This is then consolidated to a daily backup and sent securely offsite to our servers at our data center where it is stored. These backups are always encrypted to ensure that no one will ever get access to your data without the proper credentials.

The backups can be restored quickly from the external hard drive. It doesn’t matter if you need to just restore one file that’s been accidentally deleted or restore the entire server after a crash. And the backups stored at our data center can be used to restore your data should something happen to your office.

What does the 1 hour first response guarantee cover?

This is very straight forward. For any problem or question reported to our service team by phone or their designated email address, we guarantee that someone will respond within 1 hour (during our normal business hours). We know you don’t have time to wait around for someone to get back with you when you have a computer problem.

About that guarantee…

We know there is risk whenever you trust something as important as your technology to an outside company. One of the biggest concerns our current clients had when they were evaluating us was whether we would deliver on our promises. You’ve seen what our clients have to say, but we want to go a step farther. If you aren’t completely satisfied in the first 60 days, just let us know you’d like to cancel, and we will return your money. There isn’t a complicated cancellation procedure or hoops to jump through.

Is this a good fit for my business?

This service is designed for those businesses in the Piedmont Triad that want to put an end to their technology problems and have a reliable partner who can help them make the best decisions on technology for their business. What sets us apart is our responsiveness to our clients’ problems.

What’s not included?

We try to make these plans as inclusive as possible, but there are a few things that will not be covered. Projects (examples listed below), the cost of equipment, software licensing costs (including upgrades and renewals), 3rd party support costs, support outside of our normal business hours, and training services are excluded. Everything else is all covered, so you don’t have to worry about hourly charges or travel fees. And don’t worry, if something is excluded, we will be sure to give you notice before we do anything that would incur additional charges.

  • Company moves
  • Email migrations
  • Server migrations
  • Network cabling

What It's Like to Work With Us

From your initial sign-up to your first year, here’s what it’s like to work with us.

Our Initial Assessment

We send one of our experienced technicians out to your office to collect information on your systems, run initial tests on your network, and setup our management software to be installed.

Our Welcome Packet

We want to make working with us as easy as possible. That’s why we have designed a welcome packet that gets delivered to you within a couple of days of you signing up for our service. This packet covers the basics of how to get in touch with us, a sample email you can send out to your employees with our contact information, and information on the maintenance we do on your systems. It will answer your most common questions, and of course your client experience manager will be happy to answer any other questions you have.

We Gather Additional Information

After our initial assessment, there will be other information that we need. Our technicians work to gather this together, and you may get a request from one of them for some of this information. We collect all this to make it easy to quickly resolve any future problems and make the right recommendations for your company.

Our Behind the Scenes Work

You probably won’t see it all, but our team is quite active during this first week. In addition to collecting information and building our documentation on your computer network, we are making sure that your network is as secure as it can be.

Follow Up Calls

About 7 days after our initial assessment, your client experience manager will reach out to you to see how things are going. Any questions you’ve been saving or concerns you have should be shared with them on that call. They will also provide you with an update on any projects you’ve requested or important things we have run across during our assessment.

At the end of your first thirty days it’s time for another quick call with your client experience manager. Much like the call after the first week, you’ll get updates on any ongoing projects. They are there to answer any questions or concerns, as well.

Ongoing Support

Of course we are always here to take care of problems that come up or even just questions that you have. Your employees can always call or email us or, if you prefer, all support requests can come from a specific person at your office. From time to time you’ll get recommendations from us since, in the technology world, things can change quickly.

Annual Report

Around November of your first year, look for your custom annual report. This report details any major issues that were encountered during the year, gives you a listing of all the equipment we have documented for you (desktops, laptops, firewalls, etc.), and provides you with customer recommendations and a sample budget for your next year. If you have a different fiscal year, just let us know and we will make sure to have your annual report in your hands with plenty of time for you to review it.

45 Minute Weekly Calls

With our Virtual CIO add-on, you’ll get weekly calls. During your weekly call, you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with the President of Parkway Tech. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, and during your calls he will provide guidance to help you get the most out of your technology investments.

Let's Eliminate Your Technology Problems

Contact us, and let’s start making your life easy! Fill out the form below or call us at 336-310-9888.